Request A Repair
Manage repairs & maintenance requests more efficiently.

We're A Repairs & Maintenance Reporting Software Solution

Smart automated web based solution for residential and commercial property professionals.

Smart Repair Reporting

Easy to use for tenants and estate agents.

Great Customer Service

Improve your customer experience.


Your own branded portal

Your own branded portal in reporting maintenance requests.

Tenants find it easy to use and report any repairs online any time day or night.

Daniel, Estate agent owner


make your work easier and faster!

easy web based solution

Your own branded site

You will have your own white label branded site.

Web based

Web based cloud solution so its accessible by your customers anytime and anywhere.

real time alert

You wll get notified by email of any new repoar requests.

Picture-based diagnosis

The repair portal is very simple and essential information to idenfiy accuratly the issue.


Save time and resources to focus on key priorities and emergencies quicker.

SAFE & Secure

Website is SSL secure and strong cybersecurity monitoring.

Customer satisfaction​
Repairs requested by tenants​
avg hours saved per week


Why wait, we can setup your own branded Request A Repair form straight away and all you need to do is add it to your website and communicate it to your tenants.

*From £0.35 per managed property / monthly + a £50 software fee / monthly

request a repair pricing

essentials Plan
per managed property per month* unlimited users

Smart Repair Reporting:

  • Picture based questionnaire
  • Gather important information from tenants
  • Prompt tenants to carry out checks and fixes themselves where relevant- field fewer calls
  • Issues can be reported 24/7 on mobiles, PCs and tablets
  • Your own fully branded portal
  • Anti-Spam prevention
  • Secured site with cybersecurity tools for ongoing monitoring
per managed property per month* unlimited users

All Essentials features + Workflow Management:

  • Smart dashboard to track and monitor progress on repair requests
  • End-to-end workflow management with automated requests for gathering quotes
  • Prompt contractors for up-to-date status
  • Access for contractors to update the job on the go using their mobile
  • Automate away repetition in property management requests


per managed property per month* unlimited users

All Essentials feature and Ultimate feature + Automated Management:


  • Automatically instruct your contractors to carry out recurring jobs (e.g. yearly instructions)
  • End-to-end management of planned maintenance
  • Manage and track maintenance agreements with your contractors
  • Easily monitor the compliance of your entire portfolio at a glance

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